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(Cornhole/Bag Toss Game Supplier)
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How It Works
Finding the hidden value in something can bring you money which you didn't even expect. We provide a professional listing service that can help you find more value for your item. We bring the experience of doing hundreds of listings that are specially tailored for the online marketplace. We have some of the highest buyer feedback scores and we advertise to millions of potential buyers through eBay and online visitors. This compares to consignment stores that only reach a few hundred potential buyers and charge 50% or more.

We do not charge you anything upfront to list your item(s). Once your item(s) sell, we deduct both our commission and eBay and payment processing fees before sending you a check for the balance.

We also offer services for selling large items such as Motor Vehicles, Boats, Commercial Vehicles, Recreational Vehicles, etc. We will sell them on eBay if we think there is a good demand and selling price on eBay; if not, we also use services such as cars.com and autotrader.com to sell vehicles.
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