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Drop Off / Pick-up Form

Drop-Off / Pick-Up Form

Please print this page and fill out the listed information prior to dropping off your item(s).

Your Full Name:

Complete Address:

Suite or Apartment #:



Zip Code:

Business Phone Number:

Home Phone Number:

Cell Phone Number:

E-Mail Address:

If for a fund raiser please indicate name of organization:

Brief Description of items: Please Note: For our free pick-up service the total sell value must be $200 or more, which can
include items sold together as a group that is valued at $50 or more per item. This will ensure better income from the sale of your items.

I agree to all terms describe within the fee pages:


Turn It Into Cash
will act as a consignment agent for you, the "seller". We will list your item on eBay, once your item(s) sells you will receive a check from us within (14) days of the item to buyer. If your item(s) does not sell, you can pick up the item(s) or have us deliver your item(s) for the cost of shipping & handling back to you within (7) days or we will donate the items to charity. By signing the Drop-Off form, you certify that you are the actual owner of the items and you are authorizing Turn It Into Cash to collect payment and deduct fees (as listed on the fees page).

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